How To Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan Quick Transaction

Do you want to invest in BTC cryptocurrency and looking for how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan at a low price? Through this site, you can easily purchase Bit coins with PKR currency and can transfer coins to your wallet account.

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Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan With JazzCash At Cheap Rate

Do you want to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with JazzCash account? This is quite easy and you can purchase BTC for PKR currency instantly at the best price. First of all, you will need to find the best cryptocurrency exchange platform where you could buy Bit coins fast and secure. There are many websites where you can purchase BTC coins but Paxful and Localbitcoin is the best platform to buy Bitcoin for PKR cash. When you will go to the site you will create an account there. After creating an account complete the verification process and start buying crypto coins. So, go to the buy button and enter the amount of BTC that you want to purchase and then select the payment option such as JazzCash and then enter your wallet account and other required information. After doing this, pay your money via JazzCash account and get Bitcoins into your bitcoin wallet. Hence, you can easily buy bitcoin with PKR money.

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How To Get Free Bitcoin Instantly In Pakistan

There are many different websites on the internet where you can get free bitcoins in Pakistan by doing different tasks such as watching ads, playing games, and mining, etc. However, you will get a little amount of BTC but as you know the bitcoin has a very high price in Pakistan so that would be enough for you. There are many benefits to earning free bitcoin. As the value of Bitcoin increases, so will you continue to earn so much bitcoins and money. Hence, you can earn free money in the form of Bit coins and you can also get a very good profit without investing your money. Moreover, the amount of BTC cryptocurrency that you will get is always random. There are some authentic ways to earn free BTC without mining. First, you have the option that you can use a crypto currency browser. Besides this, you can earn crypto currency Bitcoins by learning about BTC and playing games on mobile phones.

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Top Bitcoin Earning Websites In Pakistan 2021

Do you want to earn free bitcoins in Pakistan? Bitcoin is the world's top cryptocurrency and now you can get a chance to earn free money without spending your assets. There are several websites that are providing free Bitcoin earning services, you can earn crypto coins by playing games, watching ads, using a browser, and so on., Coinbase, guru99, Smartcasinoguide, BC.Game, and, Bit2Coin, etc. These are the top bitcoin earning websites in Pakistan. At the start, you will create an account on such sites and then start earning money. Through these sites, you can get free crypto currency coins from every city of Pakistan by using your mobile phone or PC. From these sites you will get various tasks, now they can be in any case. Once a certain amount has been deposited in your website account then you can easily withdraw your money and for this, you can use your JazzCash, Easypaisa, or bank account.

Investing Minimum Rupees Legally in BTC In Pakistan

Can I invest 100 RS in Cryptocurrency?

If you are looking for "can I invest 100 Rs in cryptocurrency", you will be happy to know that you can invest or trade a minimum amount of Rs.100 in bitcoin cryptocurrency through Btcpakistan. This site is providing you the best buy, sell, and exchange services in Pakistan. You can buy BTC here in a very short time and hold it in your wallet till the price of Bit coin goes up or you don't want to sell it yourself. You can safely store bitcoin in the wallets mentioned above. Also, you can buy Bitcoin with the help of JazzCash, Easypaisa, Moneygram, or credit or debit card for which you will not need any broker as you can invest directly in crypto coins with this site. One of the biggest advantages of this site is that you do not have to pay any extra fees or charges here and this is what makes Btcpakistan most famous. You do not face any difficulty in buying bitcoins through this site and you can safely trade without any third-party interface.

Is Bitcoin legal in Pakistan?

Digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), are not regulated in Pakistan, so it is not illegal and there are no restrictions on it. As of January 16, 2021, the State Bank of Pakistan has not authorized any individual or organization to buy, sell, exchange, and trade these electronic currencies, digital coins, or tokens of any kind. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has made arrests in connection with the mining of BTC and other digital currencies by cybercrime and these arrests have been made on money laundering charges. Despite many controversies over E-currencies, prominent Pakistani bloggers and social media influencers are freely involved in bitcoin trading and regularly publish content on social media to bring digital currencies fully into Pakistan. In December 2020, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government became the first province in Pakistan to pass a resolution legalizing crypto currency in the country.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan Safe & Secure

Investments in cryptocurrency are becoming increasingly popular. The digital world has witnessed a paradigm shift with the emergence of different cryptocurrencies. Despite various cryptocurrencies coming to the surface every other day, crypto enthusiasts still rank Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency. Pakistan is no exception, where Bitcoin investment has become a hot trend. However, crypto is not yet legalized through any regulatory framework in Pakistan. So, if you are a beginner, you may find it difficult where and how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin and have the concerns mentioned above, BTCPakistan profoundly undertakes the responsibility to address all your Bitcoin-related concerns. Let's begin.


The basic method of creating a secure transaction is to generate and sign the required transaction through an offline computer then, later on, execute it through an online computer this very act will always protect you against any unwanted login attempt. On the other hand in case if someone physically steals your device or the information then there is no need not to be worried because the security infrastructure of Armory is such foolproof that it will take ages to guess the private keys because of the strong encryption.
Another important feature of Armory is that it provides the facility of multi-signature addresses that are available to use with Lockboxes in an entirely distributed way. Thus, after having a detailed discussion there is certainly no other way to protect the integrity of Bitcoin that way Armory does. Something important to share with you folks that Armory Technologies, Inc. and their developer’s team have the primary focus on developing such an advanced and fully secured cryptocurrency wallet. From the beginning, Armory technologies were designed not to compromise over sovereignty of private keys thus time proved this and now Armory is successfully delivering its secure wallet services to thousands of clients worldwide.

Buying Bitcoin in Pakistan can be tricky and challenging amidst scammers and the absence of government policy regarding digital currency. However, BTCPakistan is one of the most trusted and registered platforms serving the different needs of Bitcoin investors. Investing or buying BTC through a local-based platform ensures the safety of your confidential data and investment. So, if you are thinking of Bitcoin trading in Pakistan, locating a trusted exchange is paramount to start the process. Exchange is likely to facilitate buying, selling, and securing your Bitcoin currency. For Bitcoin enthusiasts in Pakistan, it is highly recommended to find an exchange that undertakes safe and secure transactions. In addition to this, the trading platform must also be accessible from anywhere in the country. BTCPakistan, Kraken, Localbitcoins, to name a few, are notable platforms that provide services for Bitcoin trading in Pakistan.
Are you still wondering how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? Follow the simple steps below to get the job done.

  • Find a local exchange that serves as a platform for Bitcoin sellers and buyers.
  • Create an account on its app or official website.
  • Locate traders willing to sell Bitcoin. Only deal with verified and trusted accounts.
  • Get the quote from the different dealers.
  • Transfer the amount to the seller's account.
  • Send a picture of the deposit slip or online bank transfer to the seller for verification.
  • Receive Bitcoin credit in your wallet.

Where To Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan At A Low Price?

Price has always been a primary concern for traders. To maximize profits, getting crypto at a low is highly important. People obsessed with Bitcoin also prefer to buy BTC at exceptionally low rates to get maximum profit when selling it in the future. The same market dynamics exist in Pakistan, where people struggle to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan at a cheap rate. However, buying BTC at a low price is not a piece of hot cake. Plus, when you are struggling for the best rates, the chances of falling for a scam are also high. So, if you want to know where to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan, let us fill you in.

BTCPakistan is one of the reputed platforms in Pakistan with proven excellence in offering BTC at outrageously low rates. In short, you can exchange all fiat currencies into BTC at BTCPakistan, and that too at a reasonable rate. Plus, BTCPakistan promises to keep all your details and credentials safe. In addition to this, BTCPakistan incorporates multiple portals to help you access crypto markets to compare rates offered by different sellers and make the best decision in your interest. In brief, it's a win-win situation for the buyer when exchanging through BTCPakistan.

Best Way To Buy Bitcoin With A Payoneer Card

Payoneer has been widely used for online money transfers. In addition to online transfers, Payoneer is also one of the leading service providers in the crypto world. So, you can transfer and receive funds using Payoneer and utilize it for digital payments. So, why not buy Bitcoin with Payoneer. Well, you be must be asking yourself a question, can I buy Bitcoin with Payoneer? The answer is a big yes. Moreover, the facility is not limited to Pakistan as Payoneer successfully operates in 200+ territories across the globe with more than 150 local currencies. So, either it's an online payment or cross-border wire transfer, Payoneer will do all for you.

You will find Payoneer as one of the payment options in most of the exchanges. Bitcoin trading platforms such as BTCPakistan and Paxful also allow users to link their Payoneer wallets. This implies that you can easily buy Bitcoin at any time using Payoneer. The process of buying Bitcoin through Payoneer is relatively quick and simple than other platforms. To cut the story short, you can quickly pay through Payoneer in fewer than 30 minutes.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan Using Payoneer

To start using Payoneer services, you have to sign up on Payoneer to join the community. Once you become a member of the Payoneer community, you can avail all services, including buying Bitcoin. However, joining a platform where vendors or BTC sellers are available is a must before you can enjoy Payoneer services. In short, you have to find sellers offering the best rates and then select the buy option. After selecting buying option, you will be directed to a page showing payment options. Choosing Payoneer as a payment option will enable you to transfer any amount to the selected seller or BTC vendor. 

Buy Bitcoin With Payoneer E-wallet

The contribution of the Payoneer e-wallet in transforming the digital landscape cannot be denied. The Bitcoin world is no different from where Payoneer has achieved landmark success. More and more people are using Payoneer e-wallet to buy Bitcoin. Payoneer e-wallet offers reduced fees when you transfer funds to the seller's account. In addition to leverage in the transfer fees, the payment process is also simplified when you use Payoneer e-wallet. Moreover, in case you encounter a problem in transferring funds, you can contact the customer support department, which is available 24/7 for Payoneer e-wallet users. To summarize, Bitcoin shopping has become easy with the Payoneer e-wallet in hand.

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Or Debit Card?

People often ask the question of how to buy Bitcoins in Pakistan with a debit or credit card. The process of buying crypto with a debit card can be confusing for individuals who are new to the crypto world. However, once you become familiar with the process, it becomes a matter of few minutes. In short, everyone can buy Bitcoin with a debit card or credit card. Coinbase, BTCPakistan, to name a few, allows crypto investors to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit cards. However, some of the exchanges may require a Bitcoin wallet. 
Following are common characteristics to most of the exchanges offering Bitcoin purchase through credit or debit cards.

  • May charge 5-6% as a processing fee.
  • Daily limit of the Bitcoin purchase.
  • Some exchanges are not available in all regions, and their operation is limited to certain states.

Checklist To Purchase BTC With Credit Card

  • Create an account on a trusted exchange like Coinbase, BTCPakistan, Coinmama, etc.
  • Connect and add your credit card to your account profile.
  • Verify your ID.
  • Enjoy transactions using your credit card.

Potential Risks Of Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins with a credit or debit card can be a hassle-free process, but associated risks are also irrefutable. Credit card frauds are becoming increasingly common in the digital world. So, to remain wary of scams is not out of the question. You are constantly subject to hackers and scammers when entering your credit card on the company's website. Thus, it is highly advisable to choose a verified and well-reputed platform to buy Bitcoins. BTCPakistan is one of the notable platforms in Pakistan that allows users to make purchases through credit or debit and that too with utmost safety of the credentials and confidential data.

Buy BTC At Premium Rates

Besides safety, the cost is also one of the genuine concerns when buying crypto with a debit or credit card. For obvious reasons, people usually opt for the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin at reasonable rates means that Bitcoin enthusiasts select the site that offers the lowest market rate and fees. Some websites may provide exciting offers. However, such offers may not be valid for debit or credit card purchases. So, the trick is to look for websites offering minimum rates for debit and credit cards.

Is It Possible To Buy BTC With Credit Without Verification?

Verification is a must to make any payment through a credit card. However, you can also bypass the process or buy BTC anonymously with a credit card. So, if you want to know how you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card with no verification, stay tuned with us. You will need a Bitcoin wallet to buy BTC without ID or verification. The fees may be relatively high if you choose to buy without ID verification. In case you don't want to pay high prices, trusted exchanges can help you get you through the process with no or minimal fee.

Can I Buy Bitcoin With Easypaisa In Pakistan?

There is no doubt that debit cards and methods of online payments are becoming popular in Pakistan. However, procedural delays and formalities are still hampering a considerable faction in Pakistan to join the online banking network. On the contrary, Easypaisa has emerged as a platform facilitating all remote payments with minimum facilities. BTC enthusiasts can also use Easypaisa to their advantage. You must be thinking about how to buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa. Don't worry as we have answers to all your questions.

Binance, Paxful, and LocalBitcoins are some of the few platforms that enable BTC investors to buy BTC with Easypaisa. However, they may charge a fee of 0-5% of the total amount as a transaction fee. So, if you are in a quest of buying BTC with Easypaisa, you need to have a reputed exchange in hand. Following are highlights of the process of buying BTC with Easypaisa. Let's have a look.

  • Create an account on the exchange's official website.
  • Get your account verified.
  • Select but button and locate the Easypaisa option.
  • Select vendor or seller.
  • Make a deal and complete terms.
  • Get instant Bitcoin credit in your wallet after payment confirmation.

Best Platforms To Purchase BTC With Easypaisa


Binance has been used all across the world for crypto trading. Currently, Binance is available in more than 160 countries. Moreover, it also enables you to trade in 50+ currencies. The Binance exchange is also incorporated with an Easypaisa option for crypto transactions. Though it has few payment options, Easypaisa is one of them to facilitate customers in Pakistan. So, if you want to know how to Bitcoin in Pakistan and that too with Easypaisa, visiting Binance's official website can be worthy of a visit.


BTCPakistan is another platform specialized in Bitcoin-related services. Since BTCPakistan is a Pakistan-based exchange, all payment options known and used in Pakistan are available, including Easypaisa. Thus, you can buy Bitcoin easily through this platform. All you need is to choose Easypaisa as a payment option and get instant credit of Bitcoin after transferring payment to the vendor's account. Moreover, you will also find many sellers that accept payment in their Easypaisa mobile accounts. This makes your BTC purchase easier. Plus, there are no charges for transferring the amount to the Easypaisa account. So, buying BTC using Easypaisa means you are saving money.


LocalBitcoins is one of the famous platforms for person-person crypto trading. In Pakistan, people often prefer cash transactions. However, buying BTC remotely with cash can be challenging. So, looking for an alternative was inevitable. From online bank transfers to a credit card to Payoneer, all can be used as a payment option in the crypto world. Although these options can be used in Pakistan, people still engaged in BTC trading prefer Easypaisa for their convenience and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, LocalBitcoins has been considered as a viable option for Bitcoin trading in Pakistan.
Best Way To Store Bitcoin To Wallet Account

By now, you must be pretty clear on the question of how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. However, buying is not the end of the game. Instead, it's a beginning. It would be best if you stored Bitcoin safely and securely no matter what. So, reputed BTC trading platforms also allow their customers to store Bitcoin. If you want to keep your Bitcoins, a Bitcoin wallet is all you need. Having a BTC wallet means that you have your Bitcoin in your pocket. So, whenever you need to involve your Bitcoin balance to buy any services or goods, you can do this in a matter of seconds—all you need to scan the QR code and get the transaction done without any hassle. If you want to know how to create a Bitcoin wallet or how to transfer Bitcoin to a wallet, you have our back.

Create Bitcoin Wallet In Simple Steps

  • Download an application or sign up for a platform offering BTC wallet creation.
  • Create an account.
  • Select Bitcoin wallet login.
  • Write down your private key and secure it.
  • Transfer BTC to the wallet.

Best Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Wallet

You may be on the hunt when looking to store Bitcoins. Why not select the best wallet that not merely fulfill your requirement but is also safe and protects your Bitcoins in the best possible way. Cost, ease of use, to name a few, are features that must be considered when looking for a wallet. In addition to this, the wallet developing platform must incorporate a simple interface for the users. Moreover, built-in support is also one of the essential features that will help beginners grow in the crypto world. However, individuals having hands-on experience in dealing with BTC wallets may find the built-in support feature irrelevant.

From Where Can I Download Bitcoin Wallet In Pakistan?

To get the best Bitcoin wallet in Pakistan, you can install an app like wallet. Fortunately, the application is available for both Android and iOS users. After installing this software, launch the application. Once successfully launched, you can add a wallet option from the menu to create a wallet. Besides this app, many other tools offer BTC wallets in Pakistan. Luckily these tools or applications also incorporate features, such as a shared wallet. A shared wallet authorizes access to two or more persons.